Government Solution
e-Passport / e-Visa
e-passpoart reader
The e-Passport standard preserves the machine readable zone (MRZ) and adds all of those visible data elements to the IC chip : full name, date and place of birth, date and place of issuance, and passport number. These information are secured on the chip and stored with other data in a
“read only” format; in theory, the information may not be changed after it is written to the chip.
It improves security level of the travel document and authentication of the passport holder
  • DUALi’s passport reader DE-EPASS is target for any places to require secure ID-check, such as Duty free Shop, Hotel, Bank, Travel agency and government office. It allows you the benefits as following;
  •  Faster check in/ Speed up business procedure
  •  Increase security level by double-checking of Printed & RF chip photo (Fake ID check)
  •  Reduce human typing errors
  •  Reduce labor costs and increases profits 
  •  Increase Space Efficiency
  •  Takes your business on to higher level
  •  Easy manage of Priority customer and blacklist using SDK (DB manage)
National e-ID/ e-Social card/ e-Driver license
  • DUALi currently provides high-end RF readers with enhanced security features for e-ID system of Korean Civil Servants and overseas National ID projects
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